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Betting Sites are waiting for you! Looking for some awesome bookmakers to place a bet? Well, luckily for you, you have landed in the exact right place! When it comes to the best betting sites, we know our stuff. Each and every piece of information you find on this site is absolute golden. Why not read through it? Of course, before you do that, let us tell you a little bit about what we do here.

We Are and You Can Trust Us!

We know that you may have just stumbled across this website randomly. Welcome! We are glad to have you. Of course, this may mean that you have a ton of questions about why you can trust the information we share about online sports betting here.

Well, to put it simply; our website has been put together by people who are highly actively in the world of sports betting online. Some of us are actively working for sports betting sites. Some of us are regularly engaging in online sports betting. All of us know our stuff.

With the decades of combined experienced our team have, we know everything about how the world of betting sites works. This is an industry that we live and breathe on a daily basis. You can trust the advice that we share here, because this is advice that we live by. If there is something that we share with you, you can bet your bottom dollar that this piece of information has come from years and years of knowledge.

We encourage you to go through the wealth of information that you find on this website. You will very quickly discover that our team is one that really knows what it is talking about when it comes to the best sports betting sites.

Let’s take a little look at what our team does here.

The Best Betting Sites for 2024

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Betting Sites Reviews

A good deal of our focus here is to help you find the best betting sites for you to gamble at. We know that when you are gambling online, you want to dive into the best online betting sites without too many issues. You really do not want to be wasting your cash on sites that aren’t really going to offer the best experience, right?

This is why our team of experienced researchers spend a good chunk of their day trying to find the best betting sites online. In fact, we have looked into hundreds of different betting sites (yes, there really are that many). While we have not been able to put together a complete review for all of them, we have reviewed some of the best ones. This way you are not reading through a ton of reviews for awful websites. That is just a waste of your time.

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If you check back regularly, you will always find us uploading brand new reviews for online sports betting sites. This is one of the main reasons why you should bookmark us.

What makes a betting site a great betting site?

So, if we are reviewing these best betting sites, how do we work out which ones are great? Fantastic question! Let us run you through the process that we follow.

It is important to remember that while we do have certain criteria that we use to determine whether a site is going to be a fantastic place to gamble at or not, we will also treat each site as an individual. So, if you browse through our reviews of sports betting sites, you will get a feel for what we like about an individual site. There are some things that we look at which simply couldn’t apply to any other website.

Let’s take a little look at the more general criteria that we follow, though.

Betting Sites FAQ

Is the betting site licensed?

This is the first thing that we look at when we are reviewing websites that offer sports betting. If the sports betting site is not licensed, then we give it a skip. It doesn’t matter how brilliant a website is. Without that licence, it is simply not safe to gamble there.

Betting sites licenses

You will actually find that site licensing is one of the main reasons why we often recommend new sports betting sites. If a site has jumped through hoops and spent a lot of cash to get licensed by a board such as the UK Gambling Commission, then you can bet your bottom dollar that this place is going to be a tremendous place for you to gamble.

So, what happens if the site isn’t licensed? Well, there is a good chance that you can be scammed out of your money. The site is also likely operating illegally. This means that if you do run into issues, and with an unlicensed site the chances of this will be quite high, there will be nobody who has your back. You will have lost your money.

Always check whether the site is licensed to operate in your local area. One of the most known gambling authority is the Malta Gambling Commission, but you can also find others like: UKGC, Curacao and Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The betting site design

We know that a lot of people do not really pay attention to the site design. However, for us, it is a major factor in whether we recommend a website or not.

Think about it. Once you have chosen an awesome online betting site, it is likely that you are going to be sticking around it for a long, long time to come. This means that it needs to look reasonably good. You are going to be looking at it a lot.

In our opinion, the main thing you need to think about when it comes to the design of a site is how easy it is to find whatever it is you want to bet on. You do not want to be jumping through menu after menu, do you? No. You want to be able to find whatever you need in no more than a couple of clicks.

In our opinion, the best online betting sites do not go over the top with ads either. Sure, a couple of ads for some awesome events that you may want to gamble on will be good on occasion but, for the most part, the focus needs to be getting you to bet on what you actually want to bet on. The worst sites are those that display ‘offers’ that we do not even qualify for.

Sports Betting Apps

Betting on sports from your smartphone

Even if you do not plan to gamble using your mobile device, it is still vital that you choose a site that has it as an option. For starters; you never know whether you are going to be gambling on your mobile device in the future. So, why not future proof yourself?

The main reason why you should be looking for a site that has mobile options is because it shows that the website is utilising the latest technology. This is important. It shows that a site genuinely cares about the players, and it shows that they have invested in making their business even bigger. Therefore, mobile options are great!

So, what do we mean when we are talking about betting sites with mobile options? Well, an app is always going to be a brilliant thing that you can use. However, our favourite websites are those that have the ability to play games through your web browser. A well designed mobile website is an absolute godsend in the world of online sports betting.

Betting Markets

Obviously, if you are planning to gamble at an online site, you will already have some sort of sport in mind to bet on. This could be football. It could be golf. It could be a bit of tennis. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have a rough idea what type of events you want to see when you are diving into online sport betting.

In our opinion, the best sports betting sites will be ones that offer a wealth of different events. They will not just focus on one type of event. Why? Because, eventually, there will be another sport that will tickle your fancy. The last thing you want is to be hopping from site to site looking for something new to bet on. Once you have found a website, that is where you want to be spending the vast majority of your time.

Do not just think about sport as a whole either. Think about the type of league you can bet on too. For example; it is all well and good that you are able to bet on football at a website. However, does that really matter if you are only able to bet on the Premier League? Nope! You want to be able to dive into dozens and dozens of leagues. The more options, the better!

Betting Odds

We want to clear one thing up right away. This is the fact that it is absolutely impossible for betting sites to always offer the best odds. If a site claims that it offers the best odds, then it is lying.

Why? Well, due to the way in which sports betting works, the odds need to be constantly changed. This ensures that the online sports betting site has enough cash to make some profit and be able to pay anybody that wins on the bet.

That being said, the best betting sites will be ones that have competitive odds. While they will not always be able to have the best odds online, they will always try their best to get the odds to the point where you can make a rather sizeable sum of cash if it comes through.

Generally speaking, it is the new betting sites that actually offer the best betting odds. This is because, a lot of the time, they have far fewer overheads. This means that they need to make less money per bet. So, the savings can get passed onto the customers!

Betting odds is one of the only reasons why we recommend that you sign up to more than one of the best betting sites. Just a couple is more than enough. This way you can flick between them based on the odds that they are offering. Although this, of course, will be something that you will only want to consider if you are gambling seriously.

Live Betting

Nowadays, we absolutely would not recommend a website unless it has a live gambling option. All of the best betting sites online will have a live gambling option somewhere.

Live betting on sports

So, what is the benefit of live gambling? Well, it means that you can dive into events while they are ‘in play’. This adds a whole new strategic element to sports betting and, in our opinion, it is a ton more fun like this.

Betting Sites – Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Pretty simple this one. We love betting sites that provide us with a ton of ways in which we can get money in and out of our account. It helps if the process is fast too!

Betting Sites – Customer Support

Ideally, the betting sites will have some sort of live chat support option in place. This way we can have our problems dealt with there and then. At the absolute minimum, they should have an email system in place and, of course, they should be able to reply fast via email. If the first response takes more than 24-hours, then we would struggle to be able to recommend the website.

Betting Offers

We will talk more about this in a short while. However, we will also think about the sport betting bonuses a site has. The best betting sites will have both welcome and VIP bonuses in place. This way, you will always be able to find something, no matter how long you have been around the website.

If you want to find out more about how we track down the best betting sites, we highly recommend that you start to go through the wealth of reviews on our website. This may even help you to find the best betting site for you!

Sports Betting Bonuses

While we do not recommend it, a lot of people will choose their site based solely on the strength of bonuses available. To us, other criteria is important. In our opinion, sport betting sites bonuses are just a little bit of a ‘sweetener’ to help us to decide between two sites that seem similar in just about every other way.

So, what are sport betting bonuses? Well, just about anything that the site likes to give you for ‘free’. A bit of an incentive to do something. Some people like to see it as free cash. We don’t. We like to see it as a way to carry out a few risk free bets to get a feel for what a site offers.

Bonuses for sports betting

If you are signing up to a website for the first time, you will be able to enjoy awesome welcome bonuses. This may be a matched deposit i.e. the betting sites will match whatever you are depositing into your account up to a certain amount. In other cases, it may be free bets, or it may be exceedingly good odds on a certain event.

Don’t worry. Loyal customers won’t miss out either. While loyalty bonuses do seem a little bit less lucrative than the welcome bonuses, you have the major benefit of them rolling in fairly regularly. A lot of the time, the bonuses will be tailored to your gambling habits too. This is part of the reason why we encourage people to gamble at just one or two websites at the absolute maximum!

We are always on the hunt for the best sports betting bonuses, so we encourage you to bookmark our website. If you are on the hunt for a brand new website to gamble at, then you may find our lists of the best sport betting bonuses as being completely invaluable! We will always be working to keep it ‘up to date’.

It is important to remember that all of the advice that we give here will be focused on ensuring that you gamble at a quality website. Even if we find an awesome bonus for you, we will never recommend the bonus unless we are 100% positive that everything else about the website is top of the line.

Betting Strategies

While it is impossible for us to guarantee that you will win when betting on a certain event (we would be millionaires, if not billionaires if we could), we can offer some betting strategies that will help you to reduce your risk when gambling online.

We know that a lot of the people who are browsing our website are going to be new gamblers. They may be on the lookout for their first online sports betting site. This is why we have taken a lot of time to put together some awesome guides for beginners.

We do not want you to jump into gambling online blindly. This is how you end up losing a lot of cash. Betting is meant to be fun, with a little bit of money made on the side. If you are blowing your cash on just about everything on a site, then the fun will be sapped out of the process. We do not want this to happen to you.

A lot of the advice we have here will be geared towards teaching you how the world of online betting works. You will be surprised at how different some of the elements can be in comparison to offline betting. There is a lot to learn. This includes different betting types. Let us teach you! Let us arm you with the tools that you need to be successful in the world of online betting sites.

Don’t worry. If you know how the world of online betting works, you won’t be left in the lurch. We also have a ton of advice for you too. We have some more advanced betting strategies too. This may help you to make even more cash when you are gambling online! You will actually be surprised at just how much of a change a small tip can have when it comes to your income.

Betting Tips

Of course, you can’t have a betting website without some betting tips, right? This is not the main focus of our website. We would rather spend our time reviewing sites you can play at, you can bet your bottom dollar that if we do stumble across a hot tip, we are going to share it with you. This won’t just be for the major sports either.

Using betting tips to improve your winnings

Reading our semi-regular betting tips may be one of one of the best ways to discover events that you may otherwise have considered betting on. The benefit? It may also help you to score a sweet bit of profit too! While we can’t always guarantee that you will win with our betting tips., we can guarantee that you will stand a far, far better chance than just wildly betting on whatever you can.

Check out our website

So, there you have it. A quick guide to the wealth of content that you will be able to find packed onto this website. Remember; the website is massive now, but it is a site that will constantly be updated. We are always on the prowl for new betting sites, betting bonuses, and betting tips we can share with you. We encourage you to check back regularly, as you never know what awesome content you will uncover. All you need to do is give us a bookmark.

Remember: if there is anything you really want to see on this website, or you have any questions, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team will be more than happy to help you out! We will even take suggestions for new online betting sites for just to look at. You never know, we may just end up recommending it to our legions of readers!

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